Reluctant Goose

I can relate to the reluctant goose in this video. At first he doesn’t want to follow the others. He has his own idea. His buddies move on (and even poop on his path!) and he soon realizes that they have the right idea.

So often we hear from others, “Do your own thing, take a chance, don’t listen to anyone else – just go for it.” But I want to listen to my trusted community and gain some confirmation through prayer and counsel before making big decisions.

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed,” says Proverbs 15:22. For this goose, joining the others was obviously the best choice because; 1) his safety was at risk as more cars were coming and 2) he enjoys being with the other geese.

True or False for you?

  • Listening to trusted counselors is a good thing for me.
  • I am capable of making decisions and choices that are not in my best interests.
  • I listen to others in my community rather than relying exclusively on my own perspective.
  • I can change my plans, especially if I realize that I am at risk of harming myself or others.
  • I am committed to prayerfully seeking wise counsel in my decisions.

Can you think of times when following the counsel of others is a good thing?

Shine bright this week!


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