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Hi, I’m Dan and I’m truly blessed to be married to my grade school sweetheart (from 2nd grade) for over 37 years. The blessings continue with two married children, 6 grandchildren and  more on the way. I’m also thankful for health and strength and the chance to share this message with you.

Hey, thank’s for stopping by Flamebright.com.

Flamebright is dedicated to helping those who love Jesus and want to put him first in each area of their life. (Matthew 6:33)

If you’re like me, you would like to shine bright and reflect Christ’s love in everything you do.

But we know that it’s not as easy as it sounds. A few of the challenges are:

  • It might take us out of our comfort zone.
  • It can take a big dose of humility to look in the mirror and ask, “How’s it going?” in each area of our life.
  • Our days are already filled with tons of responsibilities and distractions.

It’s definitely a challenge, but it’s also definitely possible and important to make progress. I want to share a few strategic tools to help you embrace Christ’s love and overcome the challenges.

Are you ready for:

  • a closer relationship with Christ?
  • a deeper awareness of his presence and guidance throughout the day?
  • more love in your life?
  • less tension, fear and worry?
  • a sharpened clarity of purpose?
  • a greater sense of harmony with God and his will?
  • a new level of thankfulness, trust, growth and freedom?

What better pursuits can you think of? Putting Christ first means to live the best, most fulfilling life you can imagine – and more!

To learn more, check out the, “Heart Glances,” devotional posts on this site to feed your inner flame. There’s also the, “Flamebright,” newsletter delivered every Sunday morning to keep you updated and burning bright. More is available on our Products page and more is in the works.

I believe God has guided you here and that he has a plan to continue to use you in a powerful way for his kingdom in the future. You are on an amazing journey as you keep thanking and trusting him one day at a time.

Thanks again for visiting!

Let’s shine bright,


P.S. Download a copy of my, “Fearless Living Guide,” (a one page PDF) that can be extremely useful when you’re out of your comfort zone or afraid (which I am several times a day!). Once you have a handle on fear, you can move ahead with confidence and courage!

How to Get Along w/ God

“Draw near to God and he will draw near to you.”
(James 4:8)


I intentionally spend time with God.

The more I deliberately focus on God, the more his Spirit grows within me.

God’s promise, along with my daily submission to him, ensures that we will get along better and grow a whole lot closer.


Dear Jesus, help me to spend time with you. You know that I want more than just to get along, but to have a growing and loving relationship each day together.


Please share about how you intentionally spend time with Jesus in the comments below.

Let’s shine bright,


P.S. Let me send you a nifty little drawing (a one page PDF) to help you
live fearlessly and build a closer relationship with Jesus throughout the day. It reminds you how to respond when you find yourself out of your comfort zone, anxious or afraid. Just click here to request your free, “Fearless Living Guide,” and finally stop worrying about what’s coming up next.