Thank’s for stopping by Flamebright.com. I’m Dan Kliewer, founder of Flamebright.com, dedicated to helping you shine bright in all areas of your business and your life.

By shining bright, I mean living a life of peace, fulfillment and real joy, just as our Creator intended for us all along!

It’s easy to let the inner flame go dim in our lives. We stop growing and glowing because our focus gets shifted away from what’s really important. We get caught up with they myriad of demands and distractions and stop making time for what matters most.

It all starts with our thoughts.

Our thoughts can have a huge impact on who we are and the person we are becoming.

By strategically and intentionally focusing your thoughts on what matters most, you can grow and glow brighter in the areas that are the most important to you.

My message is about how to get a grip on the wheel and steer the ship of your life by using what I’m calling, the Lightcruise Solution, a fun and powerful framework for taking charge of your thinking and transforming your future.

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P.S. Whether you’re a young mom or dad, or a not-so-young retired guy like me (in 2018 I retired from an oil refinery after 32 years) we can all use a little help once in awhile to navigate and steer our ship to an even brighter future. I hope you’ll join this free email course by clicking here and cruise to the islands of your dreams!