The 5th ingredient in Henry Drummond’s Spectrum of Love is courtesy.

Hopefully you have the opportunity to see examples of courtesy on a regular basis. Just a simple “hello,” “good morning,” or a handshake can make all the difference.

Where I work there is good camaraderie and a kind of family atmosphere. One way this is evident is through simple waves and greetings that serve to recognize each other with respect and acknowledge that we are part of the same team and community.

Although I’m not a martial arts person, I am impressed with the bowing that takes place as a gesture of respect before a competition. They are acknowledging the value and importance of each other.

When I play tennis or golf, I like the tradition of a courteous handshake after the game. Whether you won or lost, it’s a sign of respect and that you appreciated the chance to compete with them.

Being courteous seems to be the toughest when we are in a hurry or in a bad mood, or when someone is rude to us. It’s also tough when we are in routine situations, such as with our spouses or co-workers. The goal is to be courteous whether the situation is routine, tense, or special.

Here are just a few other places where I see opportunities for courtesy:

  • Thanking a military person for their service.
  • Holding a door open for others.
  • Following the rules of the road like speed limits and stop signs.

Here are some “heart-checks” to work on making true in our lives regarding courtesy . . .

  1. I am consistently polite throughout the day, both in small and big moments.
  2. I am positive and caring when dealing with others.

Following is a prayer for courtesy . . .

Our Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me life and the chance to meet and greet others. Help me to be courteous in my dealings with those who cross my path. Let my words and gestures toward others show respect and reflect your love.

I would love to hear from you. What kind of courtesy do you see? What is a “heart-check” statement that you would suggest to encourage courtesy? Please share your thoughts below and we can all grow as a community.

Thank you for your courtesy today,





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