Number six in Henry Drummond’s list of the nine ingredients in the Spectrum of Love is unselfishness.

Why is it that a child sharing a toy is such a beautiful thing? Maybe it is because the act of sharing by someone so young shows so much maturity. We know that our natural instincts tell us to go for all we can get and hold on tight. We realize that we all are selfish and letting go for the sake of others shows an inner strength and confidence with an awareness beyond ourselves.

Giving comes out of a concern for the well-being of others along with a faith and belief that we already have our needs met and we will be OK with less.

When I donate blood, I do it out of thankfulness and a willingness to help someone else in need. I want them to experience life a little while longer and have another chance to see their family, another birthday, and do whatever they were meant to do. My blood is precious and important to me, but God has provided enough that I can share and make a difference in someone else’s life.

Heart-Checks (True/False):

  • With an attitude of gratitude I give to others in need.
  • Lately, I have experienced more joy from giving than from receiving.
  • It is a thrill for me to see others grow and succeed.


Dear Lord, thank you for your many blessings and especially for the unselfish gift of your son to die for us. I realize that all I have is from you and is still yours because I belong to you. Please help me put what you have entrusted to me to unselfish use in serving the needs of others as a reflection of your love.

Thank you for going on this journey with me to discover what real love is all about. By learning a little bit more about love, maybe we can learn a little bit more about what a relationship with Christ is all about. I would love to see your thoughts about unselfishness in the comments section. Thank you.

May your inner flame grow brighter,



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