Love is Patient

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We take a quick look at Patience in this video. Patience is the first ingredient in the “Spectrum of Love” as outlined in the classic book, The Greatest Thing in the World, by Henry Drummond.

Brian Davis says:

Hi Dan. I’m 75 years of age and I remember buying this book when I was a student in theological college in 1960. I recently purchased for myself an iPad realising how easy it was to access so much information worldwide. I searched again for this book and found your flamebright site. Hearty thank you for bringing back to my attention this most glorious exegesis. I have just listened to your explanation and the illustrations on patience thank you. I have only one today as I get older I realise how irritating I probably can be and I have to have patience with myself as others have patience with me

Carol Bergen says:

Hi Dan! What a neat thing you are doing here! Your definition of patience as a part of what love is all about is so well illustrated by that story of the prodigal son. If the father had succumbed to bitterness and resentment, the story would have gone so differently. But he was patient, understanding that everyone is fallible, but also God gives everyone the chance to come back to their senses at some point. He obviously had a dream in mind, that of restoration, when he ran out to welcome his son back. He was ready to welcome the dream when it materialized.