The eighth of the nine ingredients in Henry Drummond’s, Spectrum of Love, is guilelessness.

When I think of guilelessness I think of a window. We want to be transparent like a window, not hiding anything, open and honest. I don’t want to be sneaky, conniving or deceitful, I want to be straightforward and upfront.

Have you ever been the target of scheming and conniving? Fortunately, I’ve only had a few times that I remember where people were actually working to make me fail. Even though things turned out fine later, it wasn’t a good feeling at the time. Rather than letting the experience create a mistrust and bitterness in me toward life in general, I determined that this was just an isolated incident and was not a reflection of everyone – it was even out of character for those involved. This attitude helped me to let go, forgive, and move on. It was important and allowed me to bounce rather than to crash and burn. It taught me that I want to stay on the positive side rather than the negative.

I want to be the one that builds others up rather than causing them to fail. If I do any plotting and scheming, I want it to be focused on how I can help others reach their potential rather than tearing them down. It’s a lot more fun and constructive for me and for them.

Is it also possible for me to secretly work to make myself fail? Do you ever make decisions that you know will cause you to trip and stumble on the way to reaching your goals? Sometimes I’m just not that helpful and positive toward myself when it comes to my thoughts and actions. It’s just as important to be a trusting, encouraging and positive person with myself as it is with others.

Here are some descriptions that I am working on making true for me . . .

  1. I practice honesty and integrity, even when no one is looking.
  2. People see me as real and genuine, whether I’m critical or complimentary.
  3. I am intentionally positive and encouraging with others as well as with myself.

Dear Lord, thank you for sending your Son who gives us the ultimate example of offering love and forgiveness, even while enduring incredible guile and ridicule. Help me become a source of strength and freedom to those around me. Help me to show your love and let it be clear to those I come in contact with that I genuinely care about them.

Next up is the last one in this series – sincerity. I look forward to seeing you next time. Thank you for going on this journey with me.