Love Chapter – Part 1

Valentine’s Day is coming up so Happy Valentine’s Day! What a perfect time to recognize that our world could use more love. We are seeing too much violence, lack of hope and darkness. What can we do about it? One thing we can do is learn to shine brighter with God’s light and it begins with our mindset, because what we think about is really who we are (Proverbs 23:7).

Practice a loving mindset by rating each of the thoughts in the survey according to how true they are for you. Click here for the survey. These are the first three of the nine ingredients in Henry Drummond’s “Spectrum Of Love” taken from his classic book, The Greatest Thing in the World. It’s about I Corinthians 13, known as The Love Chapter in the Bible. You can download a FREE copy of the book by clicking the link on this page, or by clicking here.

We usually hear about this chapter at weddings when the focus is on the love of a bride and groom. But the message goes beyond this kind of love and includes our interactions with “others” throughout the day as well.

Love is for every day and we can practice bringing more of God’s love to the world in all we say and do!

Let’s shine bright this week,

– Dan Kliewer
Founder of