A Tale of Two Ships

There once were two ships on the ocean. Both were filled with passengers. Both had comfortable sleeping quarters, seemingly endless decks with amazing views and delicious food prepared and served by the staff.

Both ships also had powerful engines and large propellers to make them go. Each were equipped with the latest GPS navigation features and steering systems to make sure they arrived safely and efficiently almost anywhere they desired.

The two boats were both beautiful and similar in just about every way.

However, the first boat didn’t have it’s engines turned on, the GPS was also turned off and no one was steering. It was completely at the mercy of the wind and the waves.

The passengers on this first boat had become so used to drifting that they embraced it. They talked about the value of freedom from any expectation and the possibility of surprise for each day – even though each day was similar to the last. It was even taboo to ask where they were going or to suggest setting a course for any specific island or experience. The answer to these types of questions was always something like, “Oh, we could never do that,” “That’s for other boats.” “What if we decide to go but never get there?” or “Big expectations just lead to big disappointments.”

The second boat was equipped exactly the same as the first, but the engines were running along with GPS and someone was steering the boat. This boat was following a pre-planned course including stops at interesting and gorgeous island destinations.

The passengers on this second boat were embracing the journey and looking forward to reaching the destinations they had studied and chosen with the help of brochures and their booking agent.

Conversations among passengers reflected a sense of satisfaction and wonder after experiencing each island, as well as great anticipation about what the next one had to offer. They were aware that there could be troubles and obstacles at any time but were willing to make adjustments and deal with those along the way.

If anyone would question where they were or where they were going next, other passengers would answer with encouraging phrases like, “Oh, you can see exactly where we are on this map, and right here is where we are going,” “Here’s a copy of the schedule that was updated today,” or “We’re heading to a truly amazing place, I’ve seen it in my mind and now I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes!”

Which boat would you rather be on? Please comment with, “1” or “2” below.

Let’s shine bright,


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