What would our lives be like without kindness? Possibly the best thing we can do each and every day is to offer and accept kindness. The second ingredient in Henry Drummond’s list of the nine ingredients in the Spectrum of Love is Kindness.

We used to rent movies on VHS and there would be a sticker on it saying, “Be kind – rewind.” It’s just a little thing but sort of greases the wheel for the next guy, lowers their frustration level and stress. You would appreciate it if someone else would do the same for you. That’s the key – treating others as you would like to be treated.

Last fall, I had an accident that caused me to use crutches and a wheel chair for a couple of months. I’m very thankful for the surgeons, medicine, and for God’s healing power. I also experienced so much kindness from family, friends, and co-workers through that time. It was very different to be on the receiving end of so many little helps from so many who may have opened a door, helped carry something, or just offered a word of encouragement. I received an abundance of kindness during that time and I am gratefully looking for ways to do similar things for others.

Here are a couple of intentional thoughts we can review in our minds to increase kindness:

  1. I look for ways show others that I love and respect them.
  2. A high priority for me is to help others no matter what their status is.

Let’s ask God to help us bring more kindness into the world . . .

Dear Lord, thank you for your immeasurable love and kindness. I appreciate all of the kindness I have received. Sometimes it’s been just what I needed to give me a boost for the day. Thank you for bringing kindness into my life. I look for you to show me ways I can be kind to others. Please guide me and filter my thoughts and actions throughout the day to help me deliver kindness throughout my sphere of influence. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Now for the really meaningful part, I would love to hear from you! How have you experienced kindness lately? What is an intentional thought that you would suggest? Please share your comments below.