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Get a Grip and Sail Your Ship!

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I’m Dan Kliewer, Founder of

You know how it is when we accept Christ and we really want to love him and put him first above anything or anybody? But then it’s easy to lose our focus with all of the duties, difficulties and distractions in our lives,

I totally understand! I was that way myself, and still am at times!

We go through times that are just plain busy, or there is a crisis, or we simply lack the energy or interest in thanking and trusting God – or even thinking about him.

We get caught up in daily life and leave Christ out of it. Soon we find ourselves feeling distant from him.

I get it, it’s not always automatic. Even though it’s a huge privilege, it takes being intentional.

Staying close to Christ, just like any relationship, takes effort and it’s a challenge.

It also might take more effort for some than for others. I think I’ve been one of those slower, weaker ones!

For every person that’s walking close to Christ, there are many others who would like to get to know him better but just haven’t learned how. They might believe in him, but still feel distant from him.

Some are overwhelmed by the Bible and not even sure where to begin. They never experience a rich relationship with Christ because they don’t know what steps to take to close the gap between them and the One who loves them so much.

They might even go to church and do good things to help others but still haven’t connected at a level that gives them the confidence and assurance in their faith. They still lack the personal relationship that Christ wants to have with them.

If this sounds familiar at all, then this free training is for you! Just scroll to the bottom to get started.

This 4-Day Challenge, “Get a Grip and Sail Your Ship!” walks you through a no-fluff 4-step framework for taking a much more intentional approach to putting Christ first and living a full and amazing life.

It’s the life of purpose and fulfillment that you were created to live!

By the end of this training you’re going to have everything you need to eliminate the distance between you and Christ.

I’m on a mission to help strengthen our connections with God which results in living our best lives now AND prepares us for the next phase of our eternal lives with Christ.

It’s kind of a big deal.

It’s extremely important.

It’s a 4-day email course and it’s free.

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My Experience

I remember turning my life over to Christ when I was just four years old. 

Now I’ve spent over 50 years learning what it means to follow him and put him first.

And I’m still learning new things and growing every day!

But for a long time, I struggled with how to put Christ first in my life (Matthew 6:33).

Like a lot of others, I didn’t know what it was or how to do it. It was all fuzzy to me.

Until I started being more intentional and deliberate about it.

4-Step Framework

I’ve spent a lot of time in prayer and research on this topic over the years.

The result was a 4-step framework that dramatically helped to clear up the fuzziness and eliminate the distance between me and Christ.

Using a sailing theme, we cruise through 4 steps:

    1. We DEFINE the most important areas of our lives as islands on a cruise and commit them to Christ.
    2. We DESCRIBE our vision for each island based on where God is leading.
    3. We DETERMINE how close we are to realizing our vision by taking a virtual cruise to quickly evaluate each island.
    4. Based on our cruise results,we take action and DO what Christ wants us to do to keep us moving toward his ideal for each of our islands.

Now I’m sharing this powerful framework with others who are interested in becoming more intentional and deliberate about putting Christ first.

It’s like a mini-workshop for each day, giving you the full framework (no holding back) with information and action steps showing you exactly how to put Christ first in each area of your life.

Simply scroll to the bottom to start the series.

Winning the Race

How do we win the race of life?

What’s the normal world view?

Having the nicest yard? The most modern kitchen? Owning your own jet? Owning the most toys? Being a really “good” person? Having a loving family and a white picket fence? $1 Million in savings or $100 Million?

True Success

Christ came to earth to let us win the race of life (John 3:16).

He has provided the way for true success in this life, and the life beyond (Romans 6:23).

His truth is timeless and never changes. His love for us is incredible and was shown as he died for us on the cross to bridge the gap between our naturally sinful selves and God (John 14:6).

Our part is to accept Christ’s gift of forgiveness and turn our hearts toward him (Ephesians 2:8).

Then we have won. It’s done. Everything else pales in comparison!

But then what? What do we do now?

Keep Racing!

Even though we’ve already won the race, we keep racing like we are going after first place (1 Corinthians 9:24; Acts 20:24).

How do we do that?

Welcome to the purpose of, “Get a Grip and Sail Your Ship!”

Rather than drifting wherever the wind and the waves take us, we want to intentionally navigate and set our sails for God’s way in each area of our lives (Romans 8:5-6).

That’s an incredible challenge, but we recognize that with Christ, anything is possible (Philippians 4:13).

God wants us to be fulfilled and complete the mission that fits us perfectly.

He gives us the power and freedom to make choices and use our talents, skills and interests for his glory (Matthew 25:14-30).

Talk about potential! Talk about power! Let’s tap in and go for it!

“Get a Grip and Sail Your Ship,” is simply another way of saying, “Put Christ First and Live a Full and Amazing Life.”

My prayer is that you will have a truly amazing and purposeful life filled with God’s love and grace as you “set sail” with him every day (John 10:10).

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Let’s shine bright,