Newsletter #002

Hi, welcome to the second newsletter here on It’s a quick video talking about how you can benefit from Flamebright such as:

  • – we’re making progress on the website designed to help you put Christ first and live a full and amazing life. I’m still learning every day and this is a way that I can share. We can learn together!
  • Heart Glances – In the video, I talk about about the latest, “Heart Glances,” devotional called, “Tastes So Good.” It’s based on Psalm 34:8 where we are encouraged to, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” You can see the post by clicking here.
  • 4-Day Training, “Get a Grip and Sail Your Ship!” – I talk about the purpose of this free training and how it’s just another way of saying, “Put Christ First and Live a Full and Amazing Life!” Why get caught up in the wind and the waves and just drift through life when we can navigate in the direction God wants us to go? Here is the link to the signup page for this training.

Please scroll down and leave a comment, I appreciate every one. Let me know in 2-4 words how God has tasted good to you. I can think of a few really quickly, healthy baby, found car keys, found lost dog, son survived and thrived and many more!

Thanks for checking out Flamebright and this second newsletter!

Let’s shine bright, 


P.S. Are you ready for a closer relationship with Christ and more of a clear purpose? Check out my free 4-Day Challenge, “Get a Grip and Sail Your Ship,” which is just another way of saying, “Put Christ First and Live a Full and Amazing Life.” Click here to get the series started.