Love Filter

We all have filters in our lives like air conditioners, vacuum sweepers, internet browsers, photo filters and the list goes on.

But have you thought about a filter for your life? What kind would it be?

The Bible has many lists, promises and commands that can be very helpful. One important list is found in 1 Corinthians 13, known as “The Love Chapter.”

There is an old classic book called, The Greatest Thing in the World, by Henry Drummond, that goes into detail on the Love Chapter. In his book he lists the Nine Ingredients in the Spectrum of Love developed from this passage. I think it’s one of the best filters we can apply to our lives.

In fact, when I first started studying this and going over it in my mind many times, I found it so practical that I found myself asking, “How did I ever go out in public before this?”

Usually, this message is heard at weddings, describing the ultimate love connection between a husband and wife. But these nine ingredients can serve to guide us in all of our relationships, our decisions and actions.

Following is the list of the nine ingredients followed by descriptions that might be helpful to apply as a filter in your life.


  • I wait with thankfulness and trust in God, always alert for ways to serve.
  • I am calmly trusting and anticipating the fulfillment of my dreams.


  • I actively show others that I value and respect them.
  • I take opportunities to serve others no matter what their status is.


  • Giving has become more important than receiving for me.
  • I help others without expecting something in return.


  • My attention tends to be more on others, rather than on my accomplishments.
  • I can and do honestly praise others for their accomplishments.


  • I am consistently polite throughout the day, both in small and big moments.
  • I am positive, caring and respectful when dealing with others.


  • For me, happiness comes more from giving and serving rather than having and getting.
  • I genuinely enjoy seeing others excel and succeed.

Good Temper

  • My attitude is calm, steady and positive.
  • Even when I’m frustrated with someone or a situation, I’m still considerate to others.


  • I practice honesty and integrity, even when no one is looking.
  • People see me as real and genuine, whether I’m critical or complimentary.


  • It’s important to me that my words are trustworthy.
  • I’m careful to make it clear when I’m kidding around, otherwise I’m serious, kind and truthful.

Focusing your thoughts on these Nine Ingredients in the Spectrum of Love can help extend a loving ripple effect beginning with those closest to you, and help you honor Christ in all areas of your life.

You can download the book by Henry Drummond by clicking here.

Please comment with the word, “Love,” below, if you agree that a Love Filter is important in our lives.

Let’s shine bright,


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