Flamebright Cruze

Video above walks you through the program I use for myself and with others to design cruises and help us shine bright (see Matthew 5:16).


Designing your cruise with paper and pen is powerful, but not nearly as efficient as using your personal computer.

Step up your cruise creation with the power of your personal computer by downloading the interactive application for your PC entitled, “Flamebright Cruze,” available now for just $24.95 with the link below.

It’s great to use as a discipleship tool for yourself and with others.

Flamebright Cruze makes it easy to:

  • design and save many new cruises for yourself and others
  • add new islands for each cruise
  • add and edit meaningful descriptions for each island
  • copy cruises to save set-up time
  • change the sequences of your islands and descriptions
  • create charts to see and analyze results at a glance
  • print reports for quick review
  • send PDFs to clients or others on your team
  • journal, archive and more!

Start a new cruise from scratch or give yourself a boost with the accompanying, “Flamebright 8,” and, “Love Filter,” templates that you can use and customize as you wish.

Click here to purchase/download through PayPal for just $24.95. (Note: you do not need to be a member of PayPal. Simply scroll down on the PayPal site and select the, “Pay with Debit or Credit Card,” option.)

Let’s shine bright,