Tools & Resources

Following are a few tools and resources to help you grow closer to God as you put him first in your life. Most of the resources are free while some have a small fee to help me cover expenses for Thanks for checking out the tools and thanks for your support! – Dan

Heart Glances (free) – New, “Heart Glances,” devotionals are posted three times per week (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) to help keep our hearts focused on Jesus and our inner flames burning bright. Psalm 105:4 reminds us to, “Look to the Lord and seek his face!” That is the purpose of, “Heart Glances.” I would really love to hear from you so please take a second to scroll down at the bottom of, “Heart Glances,” and just say, “Hi,” and/or let us know what you think in the comments!

Fearless Living Guide (free) – Find out how to crush fear and create freedom with this illustrated guide that helps you refocus your thinking – especially when you are out of your comfort zone or afraid. It’s an introduction to one of the many benefits of putting Christ first in your life and trusting him. Click here for the download page.

Get a Grip and Sail Your Ship! (free) – A practical step-by-step approach to putting Christ first and going for your dreams with this free 4-day email course. Follow the hands-on training with daily action steps. For more information, click here.

The Greatest Thing in the World, by Henry Drummond (free) – Real and genuine love is the subject of this classic book by Henry Drummond. Learn about the essentials of reflecting God’s love in this free e-book available here for download. It’s based on, “The Love Chapter,” of the Bible found in 1 Corinthians 13. For more information click here.

30 Islands Guide ($14.95) – This guide will give you a boost as you become more interested in creating your own custom virtual cruise. It’s a downloadable PDF consisting of more than 30 sample islands with at least 2 statements of expectation for each one. This includes the, “Flamebright 8,” islands of Faith, Family, Friends, Fun, Fitness, Feelings, Finances and Future plus many more! Download now for $14.95 by clicking here. (Note: this will take you to PayPal – but rather than logging in as a member, you can simply click, “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.”) (free) – Our lives are busy with hectic schedules and a zillion distractions. Train your mind to focus on God’s promises. Learn to thank him and trust him in every situation. There are a variety of cruise topics and more are on the way. Check it out at

Flamebright Cruze ($24.95) – You’ll have the power to create and edit cruises when you use this downloadable app for your PC (not yet available for Mac/Apple/Mobile). Templates are provided to get you started or you can choose to make a new cruise from scratch. You can store and retrieve archives, keep a journal and print reports including a chart of your cruise results in a variety of attractive formats. Click here to learn more including a video demo. Or, download now by clicking here  (Note: this link will take you to PayPal – but rather than logging in as a member, you can select, “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.”)