Fearless Living Guide

Wouldn’t it be great to live without fear? Think of all the things we could try and accomplish if we weren’t frozen by the fear factor! (see Isaiah 41:10 and Matthew 25:14-30)

    • Fear can . . . stop us in our tracks and block us from doing and becoming all that God has for us to do and become.
    • Fear can . . . fill our decisions with doubt and regret, leaving us procrastinating and second guessing our choices.
    • Fear can . . . steal our freedom and make us feel trapped because we’re unnecessarily focusing on our perceived limitations.

Grab your FREE (one-page) Fearless Living Guide to help you overcome the fear factor and Dare to Live Fearlessly.

Check out my simple illustration, based on what the Bible says, to help us redirect our thinking toward Christ when we find ourselves out of our comfort zone, anxious or afraid. Rather than being frozen, we can begin to recognize our freedom, make decisions and confidently move ahead.

Once we get a handle on fear, it’s a big step toward taking our faith from “wimpy” to “mighty!” I’ve had great experiences in my own life as well as well as with seeing results after sharing this in church groups, with family, on the golf course, on airplanes, with friends and even in jail ministry. Now I’m thankful for the opportunity to share it with you! Here are a few ways Christ has been renewing and transforming through this guide:

    • Finding peace with a current situation!
    • Kicking destructive habits – also helping those nearby do the same!
    • Releasing tension in important relationships and putting the fun back in to being together!

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Let’s shine bright,

– Dan Kliewer
Founder of Flamebright.com

P.S. Full Disclosure: The guide is $0.00 but I do ask for a couple of things from you. First, I ask that you have an open mind, to just give it a try (see Psalm 34:8) and see how God shows up for you.

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