New eBook plus Bonus Lessons!

Thank you for your interest in, “Set Sail,” my new eBook describing how to put Christ first and live a full and amazing life!

I used to think that fearless living was the biggest part of the Christian life. That is, to know you are saved and where to turn in times of trouble. But then I began to see that it’s just the beginning!

Because once you learn to lean on Christ and live without fear, you are really READY TO LIVE! That means to delight yourself in him and follow the dreams he has put on your heart. 

So I’m offering my eBook that naturally follows the, “Fearless Living Guide.” It’s called, “Set Sail,” and describes how to put Christ first and LIVE a full and amazing life. 

Sure there will be troubles along the way, in addition to the many duties, difficulties and distractions constantly pulling us in every direction.

But rather than worrying about becoming shipwrecked or caught drifting in today’s incredibly stormy wind and waves, it’s the perfect time to confidently navigate to do and become all that God wants for us to do and become in each area of our lives.

After repeated requests to personally share this message, which I love to do as much as I can, I finally recorded a quick video for each of the six chapters where I highlight the most essential parts and share a few extra stories. I’m including these lessons as a bonus with the eBook.

So, along with the, “Set Sail,” 36-page eBook, you will also receive access to the six 12 to 20 minute video lessons, one for each chapter.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what to expect in, “Set Sail,” where we cruise through this powerful 4-step framework:

  1. The first step is to Define the most important areas of our lives as islands on a cruise and commit them to Christ. This is in response to Matthew 6:33.
  2. Next we Describe our vision for each island based on where God is leading (see Matthew 6:21-22).
  3. Then we Determine how close we are to realizing our vision by taking a virtual cruise to quickly evaluate how we’re doing on each island (see Colossians 3:1-10).
  4. Finally, based on our cruise results, we take action and Do what Christ wants us to do to move forward toward his ideal for each of our islands (see James 1:22-25).

Once you apply the simple 4-step framework in, “Set Sail,” to evaluate yourself and grow in Christ, you will also be equipped with a powerful tool to help others to do the same!

Simply press the button above and I’ll send you my eBook, “Set Sail,” and the accompanying 6 video lessons will be delivered every other day over 12 days where I’ll personally walk you through each step.

Let’s shine bright,

Dan Kliewer
Author of, “Set Sail,” and
Founder of

P.S. I hope you join me on this journey toward greater hope, clarity, confidence and courage as we intentionally and deliberately choose to give Christ first place in every area of our lives. This eBook plus training is only $77. It’s a powerful way to invest in making the most of our brief time in this life to prepare for the next phase of eternity with Christ.