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Our lives can be a little bit crazy at times!

It can quickly take us out of our comfort zone.

Daily duties, difficulties and distractions pull us in every direction.

Like ships on the ocean, we are at risk of becoming shipwrecked on a rocky beach or lost drifting in the wind and the waves.

Set a new course and confidently navigate to do and become all that God wants you to do and become in each area of your life with my free eBook, “Set Sail.” It also has an introductory chapter on living fearlessly especially when we are out of our comfort zone or afraid.

Once you apply the simple 4-step framework in, “Set Sail,” to evaluate yourself and grow, you will also be equipped with a powerful tool to help others to do the same.

In, “Set Sail,” we cruise through the following 4 step framework:

  1. First we DEFINE the most important areas of our lives as islands on a cruise and commit them to Christ.
  2. Next we DESCRIBE our vision for each island based on where God is leading.
  3. Then we DETERMINE how close we are to realizing our vision by taking a virtual cruise to quickly evaluate each island.
  4. Finally, based on our cruise results, we take action and DO what Christ wants us to do to keep us moving toward his ideal for each of our islands.

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P.S. I give you the entire 4-step framework in, “Set Sail,” but if you have any questions please schedule a free introductory call with me at this link. I would love to get better acquainted with you and discuss your custom cruise ideas.