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Thank you for your interest in, “Set Sail,” my free eBook that outlines a powerful 5-step framework for surrendering to Christ and sailing with him to a life of fulfillment and purpose and ultimately to paradise.

Surrendering your life to Christ doesn’t mean to stop living. It means to stop living in darkness, fear and worry on the sidelines, and START LIVING in the light, love and freedom with Christ. Then we’ll be doing and becoming all he’s equipping us to do and become!

I hope you agree that God’s love is powerful and amazing. He created us along with the most ultimate way to LIVE in this life while preparing for the next phase of eternity with him.

At the same time, life gives us a lot to deal with. There are so many duties, difficulties and distractions every day as we’re attempting to abide in Christ and live for him.

It can all be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to. I’ve created a simple framework in, “Set Sail,” that has made a huge difference for me and others. It helps us focus on what really matters. It’s a discipleship tool that helps us be more intentional in our faith. 

I used to think that fearless living was what the Christian life was all about. And I’m still extremely thankful for God’s incredible grace and the assurance that I’m saved and where to turn in times of trouble. And then I began to see . . .


Because once you learn to lean on Christ and live without fear, you are really READY TO LIVE! That means to delight yourself in him and follow the dreams he has put on your heart. 

So I’m offering my FREE eBook called, “Set Sail,” that shows you step by step how to LIVE your ultimate life with Christ. It starts with, “Dare to Live Fearlessly,” as the first of five steps (see below).  

  1. Dare to Live Fearlessly. Practice thanking and trusting God with little problems throughout your day, then you’ll be ready when a crisis comes your way (see Psalm 37:3-5). 
  2. Define Your Priorities. List each area of your life that is a high priority, then commit it to Christ and his authority (see Matthew 6:33).
  3. Describe Your Vision. Paint (with words) each area of your life as an island shining bright with the love and grace of Christ, then you’ll sail with him to a life of fulfillment, purpose and ultimately to paradise (see Matthew 6:21-22).
  4. Determine Your Score. Take a virtual cruise to your islands to see how you’re doing on each one, then turn any gaps over to Christ and see how renewal has already begun (see Colossians 3:1-10).
  5. Do the Work. Strive to make each of your islands align with God’s loving commands, then you’ll be living an amazing life that fits perfectly into his plans (see James 1:22-25 and Matthew 25:14-30).

The framework in, “Set Sail,” is a five-step plan to help you navigate toward a closer walk with Christ including a more fulfilling and purposeful experience in each area of your life.

Why am I offering this for free? First, I feel the message is so important that I don’t want anyone to miss out because of a few dollars. Second, you’ll notice I’m asking for your email in the request form above. This is so we can stay in touch and I can offer encouragement down the road. Plus, even though there is no obligation, I know there is a chance you might like to work with me someday and participate in one of my 1:1 coaching plans or an upcoming group course where I can personally walk you through any rough spots in developing your own custom cruise. So it’s all good!

Get, “Set Sail,” to help you surrender to Christ and sail with him to a life of fulfillment, purpose and ultimately to paradise!

Let’s shine bright,

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P.S. I have to mention one more important thing, because as you learn to apply these five transformational steps in your own life to surrender to Christ and really LIVE, you’ll also be equipped with a powerful tool to help others do the same! And that’s where it gets even more exciting! So go ahead and check out, “Set Sail,” today by simply completing the form above.