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Thank you for your interest in my eBook, “Set Sail,” describing how to put Christ first and live a full and amazing life!

We have a lot to deal with. It’s challenging just to keep our heads above water every day. There are so many duties, difficulties and distractions, and then we’re also trying to make time for God!

It can all be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. I’ve created a simple framework that  has made a huge difference for me and others as we begin to see each area of our lives as amazing as it can be, like a paradise island!

Actually, I used to think that fearless living was the biggest part of the Christian life. And I’m extremely thankful to know that I’m saved and where to turn in times of trouble. But then I began to see that it’s just the beginning!

Because once you learn to lean on Christ and live without fear, you are really READY TO LIVE! That means to delight yourself in him and follow the dreams he has put on your heart. 

So I’m offering my FREE* eBook including a chapter on, “Fearless Living,” but then it goes on from there. It’s called, “Set Sail,” and describes how to put Christ first and LIVE a full and amazing life. 

Sure there will be troubles along the way. But rather than worrying about becoming shipwrecked or caught drifting in today’s stormy wind and waves, it’s the perfect time to confidently navigate to do and become all that God wants for us to do and become in each area of our lives.

It has been a joy and a privilege to personally share this, “Set Sail,” message with church groups, in jail cells, with small groups and many individuals. Now I just finished recording a quick video series, one for each of the six chapters, where I highlight the most essential parts and share a few extra stories.

So, along with the, “Set Sail,” 36-page eBook, you also receive access to six video lessons where I personally sit down and talk you through it.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what to expect in, “Set Sail,” as we cruise through this powerful 4-step framework:

  1. Define the most important areas of your life as islands on a cruise and commit them to Christ (see Matthew 6:33) so you can intentionally navigate to your own unique islands of paradise rather than drifting at the mercy of today’s wind and waves of distraction.
  2. Describe your vision of paradise for each island based on where God is leading (see Matthew 6:21-22so you can clearly see each one aligned with our loving Savior’s commands and promises resulting in his very best for for you.
  3. Determine where you currently are and how close you are to realizing your vision for each island (see Colossians 3:1-10so you can focus your heart and mind on what is truly important and make wise, strategic decisions along the way.
  4. Do what Christ wants you to do (see James 1:22-25so you can LIVE intentionally in preparation for the next phase of eternity with him.

Once you apply the simple 4-step framework in, “Set Sail,” to enjoy more love and fulfillment not only in your faith but also in your family, friendships, health, work and each area of your life, then you will automatically be equipped with a powerful tool to help others to do the same.

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P.S. *Full Disclosure: This eBook is $0.00 but I do ask for a couple of things from you. First off, I ask that you have an open mind. The framework may seem overly simple at first, but I ask you to test it and see if you don’t find it extremely powerful.

I’m also asking for your first name and email address when you complete the form above. But don’t worry, your information will not be shared with others, it’s only so I can check in and provide helpful information and support along the way. I’ll also share how you can reach me if you have any questions or would like further help.

P.P.S. You might be wondering how I can give away the eBook for free. Good question! And the answer is simple. I’m giving away this eBook because I want to give you everything you need to, “Set Sail,” to the life of your dreams – to do and become all that God is equipping you to do and become. PLUS, if you have questions or are interested in coaching from me, I’ve made it easy to contact me and take advantage of my paid, Power Session. This is where I can learn more about you (or your team) and go deeper into developing a custom cruise with you so you can navigate to paradise and stay on course every day.