Welcome to Flamebright

Dan Kliewer

I want to welcome you to Flamebright!

You know, we all have a light within us, our inner Spirit, that can sometimes grow dim from the many duties, difficulties and distractions that press in from all around us. A big part of this is our own thinking that can fill our minds with false thoughts contrary to what God says about us.

There’s just a lot of noise and it can sometimes be overwhelming!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here at Flamebright, we’re working to develop methods and tools to help us keep our inner flames burning bright and our focus where it needs to be.

Where does our focus need to be? Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:33 that it needs to be on His kingdom and His righteousness.

That’s the purpose of my eBook, “Set Sail – A five-step guide to winning the battle in our minds so we can embrace God’s incredible love and grace every day.” Check out the link on this page.

We can be intentional about keeping our minds focused on God and honoring Him with each area of our lives. Then our inner flames will burn bright as we do and become all that He is equipping us to do and become.

Let’s shine bright!


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Child of the King

“If I’m a child of the King, how come I feel like a peon?”

Do you ever feel like you’re the low person on the totem pole and not important?

It’s easy for us to feel that way sometimes as we go through our day. Too often it seems like all we’re doing is the everyday tasks and going through the same not-so-exciting routine.

It can bring on feelings of un-importance and inferiority – making us feel like a “peon.”

But here’s the good news, because once we’ve accepted Christ as our Savior and Lord, then we’re not just important but we’re actually royalty as children of the King! (see John 1:12)

It’s easy to forget that:

  • we have the most awesome Father in heaven.
  • we can ask Him for guidance and anything else.
  • we have access to His unlimited resources.

So, when we start to feel a little low as we scroll through social media, take out the trash or even watch big games on TV (like today’s Super Bowl!) let’s remember to shift our focus away from ourselves and recognize that our Father is the King of kings and Lord of lords! (see Revelation 17:14)

We can embrace His royalty and our place as His children as we focus on loving our heavenly Father and loving others wherever we find ourselves and whatever we’re doing.

Let’s shine bright!


P.S. For more on embracing who we are in Christ and using our gifts and abilities to glorify Him, see my eBook, “Set Sail.”

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