Our Thoughts Matter

With all of the differing opinions and perspectives coming at us from every direction, it’s great to know that there’s something we can truly count on, and that’s that God loves us and created us in his image with the ability to think.

You’ve heard of, “self fulfilling prophesy?” Wikipedia defines it this way, “A self-fulfilling prophecy is the sociopsychological phenomenon of someone “predicting” or expecting something, and this “prediction” or expectation coming true simply because the person believes it will and the person’s resulting behaviors align to fulfill the belief.”

I believe God made us this way and we normally associate this phenomenon with wrong thinking, but it’s also true for right thinking – thinking about the right things (see Philippians 4:8).

Do you agree that our thoughts shape our actions, our actions shape our habits and our habits shape our future? If you agree with this, you’ll also agree that God has given us a tremendous gift! By choosing our thoughts, we can have a huge impact on our future!

Let’s embrace this power and freedom by surrendering to Christ and going for the ultimate life of fulfillment followed by the ultimate paradise in the life beyond (next phase of our eternity with him).

We can partner with God to align our top priorities with his loving commands and focus our thinking.

This allows us to gain the clarity, confidence and courage to put the unique interests and abilities that God has provided each one of us to use for his glory. Then we’ll be doing and becoming all that he is equipping us to do and become.

Download my eBook, “Set Sail,” for all the details on how you can surrender to Christ and embrace this freedom to fill each area of your life with purpose and fulfillment. See the link on this page.

Let’s shine bright!


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Gifts and Blessings

What did God give you this year?

It’s almost here, the special time of Christmas get-togethers when gifts will be ripped open with wrapping paper flying and squeals of delight. Let’s pause to take a minute to consider the gifts God gave us this year.

Did he give you health? Work? Love of family and friends? Maybe he gave you a new interest in puzzles or an undiscovered ability in music, or a new hobby of cooking or gardening.

Maybe your priorities were adjusted, such as moving at a somewhat slower pace and taking in more of what your home and those close to you have to offer.

Or possibly you experienced, or are still experiencing, some really tough situations that make it hard to find the silver lining. My hope is that God will give you strength and peace as you look forward to new possibilities and potential for growth in 2021.

Let’s recognize the many gifts and priority shifts we experienced this year. It’s a great time to focus on what is truly important as we thank God for his incredible love and sacrifice, as well as this year’s unique gifts and blessings, including what might be under the tree.

Let’s shine bright,


P.S. For more on recognizing your unique gifts, abilities and priorities while glorifying Christ with each one, check out my eBook, “Set Sail.” Go here to learn more.

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