Fearless Living

What could we do in a world of Fearless Living?

What could you accomplish if you could live fearlessly?

In the kingdom of God we have the opportunity to do just that!

This week’s video is about how fearless living is just the beginning. Because once we have a handle on fear, we can take a big step forward and align each area of our lives with where God is leading.

Then we’ll be doing and becoming all that God is equipping us to do and become. And that’s really living!

Sure we’ll still experience troubles and fears, but we don’t have to stay that way. Check out my one-page, “Fearless Living Guide,” to see how.

I hope this video and guide excites you to live fearlessly and follow the dreams God has put on your heart!

Let’s shine bright!


P.S. For more on aligning with Christ and using our gifts and abilities while keeping our eyes on Him, see my eBook, “Set Sail.”

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