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Thank you for your interest in the, “Fearless Living Guide.”

You can download the guide here.

This one-page, “Fearless Living Guide,” can help give us a boost in our relationship with Christ, and might even help take our faith from, “wimpy,” to, “mighty!”

Until just a few years ago, I always felt like my faith was weak and wimpy. But once I applied this method I was surprised at how my faith grew stronger. That was in 2019.

And then I discovered . . .

Fearless living is just the beginning!

Because once we learn to lean on Christ and live without fear, then we’re really READY TO LIVE! That means to delight ourselves in Him and follow the dreams and desires He’s put on our hearts.

So, the, “Fearless Living Guide,” was the first step and then four more steps popped into my head (I believe God threw them in there!) I finally wrote them down in my new 48-page eBook that starts off with an expanded version of the, “Fearless Living Guide.”

It’s called, “Set Sail – a five-step guide to winning the battle in our minds so we can embrace God’s incredible love and grace every day.”

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Lately, it’s become one of my favorite things to do as I share this, “Set Sail,” message with church groups, in jail cells, with the person next to me on airplanes, through 1:1 mentoring and more. I’ve finally got the eBook ready and now I’m working on an accompanying video series where I highlight the most essential parts and share a few extra stories.

So, for a limited time, when you order the, “Set Sail,” 48-page eBook, you will also receive free access to the upcoming video series where I’ll personally walk you through it.

In, “Set Sail,” we’ll cruise through the following five steps for embracing God’s love and grace every day:

  1. Dare to Live Fearlessly. I practice thanking and trusting God with little problems throughout my day, then I’ll be ready when a crisis comes my way (see Psalm 37:3-5). 
  2. Define What Matters. I list each area of my life that is a high priority, then I surrender it to Christ and His authority (see Matthew 6:33).
  3. Describe the Vision. I visualize each area of my life as an island filled with the love and grace of Christ, then I sail with Him to fulfillment, purpose and ultimately to paradise (see Matthew 6:21-22).
  4. Determine the Score. I take a virtual cruise to my islands and examine how I’m doing on each one, then I turn any gaps over to Christ and see how renewal has begun (see Colossians 3:1-10).
  5. Do and Become. I take deliberate action to align my islands with God’s loving commands, then my faith grows and my life fits perfectly into His plans (see James 1:22-25 and Matthew 25:14-30).

An added bonus in addition to the video series is that once we apply the simple 5-step framework in, “Set Sail,” to grow in our relationship with Christ, then we’ll also be equipped with a powerful tool to help others do the same!

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and I’ll look forward to sending you my eBook, “Set Sail.”

Thanks again for your interest in living fearlessly. I trust that Christ will continue to transform your relationship with Him in a powerful way!

Let’s shine bright,

Dan Kliewer
Author of, “Set Sail,” “Fearless Living Guide” and
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P.S. I do hope you order, “Set Sail,” so we can cruise together toward greater clarity, confidence and courage by intentionally choosing to put Christ first in each area of our lives. This eBook is available for $10 and includes my upcoming video series. I trust that you’ll find it’s a powerful investment in making the most out of our brief time in this life as we prepare for the next phase of our eternal lives with Christ.