Newsletter #005

Are you afraid of wasting time?

When I’m deciding whether or not to pursue an idea, or when someone suggests I take on a relatively large project, I’m sometimes afraid of wasting my time.

What will be the result? What will be the benefit? Is there something else I could be doing that would have a greater impact?

These questions can get me stuck and cause me to overthink it until . . . the opportunity passes and I ended up doing nothing!! What a waste of time!!

How do we finally stop wasting time?

We read what Jesus said in John 15:5, that he is the vine and we are the branches. If we stay close to him, he will stay with us and we will bear much fruit.

When I’m afraid of wasting my time, I realize that I am focusing on the fruit rather than the root.

I need to re-direct my focus to the root (vine), thanking Christ for the opportunities he provides and trusting him to guide me where he wants me to go.

Then I can be sure that I am not wasting my time! Whatever fruit develops will be a gift from God.

This gives us tremendous freedom. We can go after our goals and dreams as we commit them to Christ and follow his command (see John 15:17).

Is God nudging you in a direction but you are afraid it will be a waste of your time? Please join the conversation in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!!

Let’s shine bright, 


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