Tastes So Good!

We are invited to “taste” and see that God is good (Psalm 34:8).


Just like tasting wonderful new food, I can get a “taste” of God when I trust him.

When I deliberately take a moment to trust God in a situation, it’s a joy to see how he shows up. 

Tasting new food and finding out it’s amazing, is like trusting Christ and finding out he’s amazing.

I don’t have to wait until I’m at the end of my rope, or without any other options to turn to Christ. I can also lean on him through the smaller ups and downs of every aspect of my life. 


Lord, thank you for your love and caring so much for me. I know that I could lean on you and turn my troubles over to you more than I do. The different ways that you come through for me are amazing and I don’t take them for granted. Just like amazing food, your love and care is surprisingly good and tasty. Although I don’t deserve it, your loving care tastes extremely good to me! In Jesus’ name, amen.


Let’s shine bright,


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