Finding Balance

It’s easy to feel a little off-balance these days.

What with the unusual health and political concerns, plus the normal work and relationship challenges, our days can feel very unbalanced.

How do we keep our balance with so much uncertainty and distraction?

This reminds me of my, “fear,” of heights.

It’s not so much of a fear as it is having a lack of balance when I’m near the edge of a drop-off.

But with something to lean on, I’m much better. It helps me keep my balance. Leaning makes all the difference.

The Bible says that we are to trust in God and not lean on our own understanding (see Proverbs 3:5:6).

Trusting in God means that we are leaning on him, putting our faith in him, rather than depending entirely on ourselves.

So, let’s practice leaning on Christ in all we do, especially when we’re in an uncomfortable spot.

Then, rather than feeling off balance and stumbling, he promises to help us keep our balance so we can confidently walk straight down the road toward all that he’s equipping us to do and become.

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Let’s shine bright!


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