Faith & French Fries

So, she requested that we go for French fries when I picked up my 1st grade granddaughter from school (this was pre-COVID 19).

We pulled into a nearby fast food place and got the fries (plus plenty of ketchup) and sat down at a booth.

Sounds pretty cool right? Just me and her and the chance to visit a bit about her day or what’s on her mind. That’s all I wanted – well, and I wanted her to enjoy the fries, which she did!

It hit me that God wants the same with us! He gives us things, interests, desires and sometimes just what we ask for. What he wants is that we enjoy them with him as we abide in him (see John 15:4-8).

Verse 5 says that if we abide in Christ, we will bear much fruit. We don’t have to pay attention to the fruit, it’s automatic when there is a strong connection with Him.

He’s not telling us exactly what to do with the gifts he provides, He just wants us to put them to use in the best ways that we can think of as we abide in Him (see Matthew 35:14-30) and it will result in much fruit.

Taking it further, if my granddaughter would have shared with someone else I would have been happy to give her more. Alternatively, if she would have sulked away and hid in the corner to enjoy her fries by herself saying, “Mine – ALL MINE,” then I might be hesitant to do this again.

enjoyed our time together. I think she did too as she said, “thank you,” which was wonderful!

So, let’s remember to enjoy our faith (relationship with God) just like my granddaughter and I enjoyed French fries together that day!

What are your, “French fries?” Yours could be any kind of gift, interest or desire God has provided such as, work, family, exercise, a car, house, finances or a particular goal you want to accomplish. We can recognize they are gifts from God and enjoy them together.

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Let’s shine bright!


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